Dr. Eric R. Geertsma
Junior Professor
Biocenter N200/1.08
Phone +49-(0)69-798-29255
ax: +49-(0)69-798 29244


Beate Braungart
Administrative assistant
Biocenter N200/1.10
Phone +49-(0)69-798-29238
Fax: +49-(0)69-798 29244


Membrane Biochemistry

Membrane transport proteins play a pivotal role in controlling the internal milieu of the cell, and thereby have a strong effect on cellular physiology. We study solute carriers, one of the most occurring transporter types in all kingdoms of life, but also one that is relatively understudied. Solute carriers are essential transport proteins in human and pathogens, and consequently often causally associated with diseases.
We combine structural and functional studies to obtain a complete mechanistic understanding of transport by solute carriers and to guide our efforts in modulating (activate or inhibit) their transport activities at will.
In parallel and to support these aims, we develop novel enabling technologies for membrane protein research.

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Nanobodies, a constant in a dynamic era

A great collaboration with the Moeller, Tampé, and Hummer labs.