Project Members

PD Dr. Rupert Abele
Group Leader
phone +49-(0)69-798-29437

Christoph Bock
PhD Student
phone: +49-(0)-69-798-29474

Philipp Graab
PhD Student
phone: +49-(0)-69-798-29474

Lysosomal Peptide Translocation

Lyosomes are the trash bin of the cell, in which macromolecules are degraded to single building blocks. Different pathways exist for the delivery of substrates to lysosomes. We have identified the recently discovered ATP-binding-cassette (ABC) transporter ABCB9 as peptide transporter which translocates cytosolic peptides into the lumen of the lysosomes. In future, we will study the physiological function and the subcellular targeting mechanism by immunological and cell biological methods. The molecular transport mechanism and structure of this peptide transporter will be analyzed by biochemical and biophysical approaches including single molecule techniques.


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