Project Members

Dr. Robert Tampé
Professor & Director   
phone +49-(0)69-798-29476

Stefan Brüchert
PhD Student
phone: +49-(0)-69-798-29471

Philipp Höllthaler
PhD Student
phone: +49-(0)-69-798-29470

Mitochondrial ABC Proteins in Health and Diseases

Function of the Mitochondrial ABC Proteins

ABC transporters represent one of the largest families of membrane proteins that are found in all three phyla of life. Mitochondria comprise up to four ABC systems, ABCB7/ATM1, ABCB10/MDL1, ABCB8 and ABCB6. These half-transporters, which assemble into homodimeric complexes, are involved in a number of key cellular processes, e.g. biogenesis of cytosolic iron–sulfur clusters, heme biosynthesis, iron homeostasis, multidrug resistance, and protection against oxidative stress. We are aiming at understanding how these ABC systems in the inner and outer mitochondrial membrane fulfill their functions in important (patho) physiological processes, including neurodegenerative and hematological disorders.

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