Group Members

Dr. Robert Tampé
Professor & Director
phone +49-(0)69-798-29476

Susanne Bernhart      
Office Manager
phone +49-(0)69-798-29475

Andrea Pott      
Office Manager
phone +49-(0)69-798-29475

PD Dr. Rupert Abele       
Group Leader  
phone +49-(0)69-798-29437

Dr. Florencia Sánchez
Postdoctoral Fellow
phone +49-(0)69-798-29466

Dr. Christoph Thomas
Postdoctoral Fellow
phone +49-(0)69-798-29486

Dr. Simon Trowitzsch
Group Leader
phone +49-(0)69-798-29273

Dr. Ralph Wieneke
Group Leader
phone +49-(0)69-798-29466

Publications 2017

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PMID: 28228754


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Publications 2016

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